Label production is new department that we constantly develop and modernize from 2015.

We use unique technology for their production. Every time applied color is developed by us to the previously received so-called base template. Thanks to this, the color on the label is this same as the color customer will see after applying the paint to the surface.

Paint cans labels

Self-adhesive on paper and foil

Our technologies allow us to produce labels on both self-adhesive paper as well as self-adhesive foil in any shape and size. Way we roll them on the rolls allows them to be freely used in any automatic process of paint production.

Paint cans labels with rough surface

For building materials with a rough structure

We also produce labels with the structure - this same as we use in the case of fan decks. This option is particularly appreciated by manufacturers of paints and building materials with a rough structure. It allows, at the stage of the client's decision-making process, to influence its purchasing decisions, showing the final effect of the purchased product.

Wood structure labels

Three-dimensional effect

The labels produced, thanks to the usage of new technologies, can be enriched with the wood structure. It gives an amazing three-dimensional effect, which additionally enriches the paint can. This option is particularly appreciated in the case of ranges of products dedicated to wood materials, or to imitate it.

Our laboratory

The degree of color mapping at the level of delta 0,5

In our work, we use top-class spectrophotometers that allow us to achieve the degree of color mapping at the level of delta 0.5.
We have several light chambers, where we verify the received colors in both daylight, artificial and shop light.