Stickers / Transfers


One of the pillars of our company is the production of stickers

A significant part of them is dedicated to bicycles, where their weather conditions resistance, durability of colors and special cuts (taking into account even the most demanding shape of attached elements), are of key importance.

Stickers on varnish

Resistance to weather conditions

To the production of this stickers, we use the highest quality of raw materials, what in combination with unique production methods guarantees their water and thermo-resistance, ensuring their immutability over the years. This is particularly important in the case of the production of stickers exposed to constant exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Stickers under varnish

Exceptional durability for many years

Bearing in mind the technologies used by our clients, each of our stickers under varnish is treated individually. Our products do not peel, do not react with varnish, and the products covered with them look like new for many years.


A wide range of usage

Production of transfers belongs to one of the most demanding, which is connected with its wide usage possibilities. Currently, they are quite frequently used in the clothing, automotive, metallurgy and many other industries.