Displays - Boards

Displays - Boards

Special product showing the full range of any products family

They are willingly used as a presentation of paints, decors, plasters, mosaics, etc. For their production, we use a variety of substrates adapted to their final destination and location. We offer full freedom of their size as well as opportunity to enrich them with any elements to facilitate their assembly or transport.

Displays with color chips

These displays have mounted color chips developed with the usage of mapping system

Mapping system is the same method that we use for the production of fan decks. Thanks to modern production technology and full automation of positioning, each display is identical. The special packaging system developed by us prevents its deformation and destruction.

Displays with painted color chips

Made with the usage of paints received from customer

This variant is particularly valued by manufacturers of paints that have special decorative effects obtained thanks to the special application of the purchased product.

Acrylic plaster display

Appreciated by plaster manufacturers

They are ideal way of presenting both: range of colors and achievable structure. Our machine park allows us to create displays of any size and various materials, depending on the place of its final exposure.

Mosaic plaster display

Willingly ordered by manufacturers of mosaic plasters

An excellent way to present any color sets and size of the grain used. Our machine park allows us to make displays of any size.