Color mappings

Color mappings and painting

Almost every day, somewhere in the world, new color is created.

This process running since the first paint company appeared. Currently, the number of colors is difficult to determine, but we can be sure that it constantly grows. We are proud of the fact that in our work we have managed to map every color which has come to us, and final product received determined market success of our business partners.

Fan Decks

Our company specializes in the production of all types of fan decks.

Trying not to limit the creativity of our clients, we leave them full freedom as to the shape of the fan decks, structure of its pages or the type of binding. We are the only company in Poland that is able to make several variants of the degree of intensity of the structure or its absence, offering color mapping in matt or gloss version.

Color chips catalogues

A unique combination of offset printing and color mapping technology.

Colour chips catalogues are a unique combination of offset printing and technology of color mapping, thanks to which the chips are identical to the provided patterns. They can have any shape and structure. Their automatic positioning on the previously made offset print guarantees 100% repeatability of each copy of such catalog.

Color cards

Great experience

Our company has huge experience in production of color cards, which are great marketing element influencing paint purchasing decision of the end customer. We produc them in any shape and size, offering two-sided printing of them, what enriches them additionally. We have a machine park that allows us to pack them in any quantity packages.

Dry patterns

Larger size and weight

Dry patterns, unlike color cards, are made with the usage of our customer paints. They are characterized by a higher weight of the paper, and definitely larger size. We have a machine park that allows them to do duplex printing and packaging in any quantity packages.

Our laboratory

The degree of color mapping at the level of delta 0,5

In our work, we use top-class spectrophotometers that allow us to achieve the degree of color mapping at the level of delta 0.5.
We have several light chambers, where we verify the received colors in both daylight, artificial and shop light.